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Key Features

Multiple Layouts
Input any conceivable layout; examples of which may be loose sheets, laminated sheets, bound booklets etc.
Control of Multiple Parameters
Full control over the cost and choice of paper size, weight, colour, laminating, colour saturation and single or double sided print.
Monitor the cost of orders
The user can add 3 different documents in a single request and repeat this procedure as many times as they like.
User Cost Display
Users can keep track of the total amount they have spent to date on their order through the cost reporting facility.
Manage Reprographic Costs
Administrators have access to all users reprographic costs. This can be filtered to whole school, departmental and single user expenditure
List All Reprographic Requests
Reprographic Technicians can view a list of all requests made in the organisation and prioritise the orders to suit their best and most efficient practice, whilst ensuring all requests are fulfilled in the correct time frame.
Manage User Requests
Users and reprographic staff can view the full content of requests including any conversations with reprographics.
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User Cost Control
There are 3 methods by which you can change the cost of your order: 1. Change the request parameters to choose the most cost effective order 2. Return to the order after the final cost is displayed before submitting it 3. Amend the order at a later date.
Request Monitoring by Technicians
Reprographic Technicians can alter a request if there is an error in the user request; this is particularly useful in monitoring colour saturation and the effect it has on the cost of a request. The reprographic technician can then alert the user to inform them of the alterations made or required.
Add and Remove Attachments
Document attachments can be can be removed during the request procedure and replaced by a new document.
Request Status
The status of your request and the stage of completion can be constantly monitored through view requests. For example started, alert, completed etc.
Reprographics Messsaging System
Alterations and issues regarding a request can be resolved through the direct reprographics messaging system.
Export Request Data
All data can be exported to an excel template and manipulated statistically to provide formatted data or graphical displays.
Email Notification
This optional feature alllows Reprographics to inform the User when a request has beeen completed, and ready for collection or delivery.
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System Assets and Integration

Order Resources Anytime
Because all the system are Web based and supported by the Cloud, they can be ordered from any Tablet or Computer from any location at home or at work. .
Single Session Multiple Requests
The user can add 3 different documents in a single request and repeat this procedure by opening a new session, and add as many requests required.
Preview and Amend Documents
You can view documents in the repository or from your computer to view their suitability before you upload them for printing. Documents in the repository are rated by other users and can be ammended online to suite your personal needs without affecting the original copy.
Document Upload Size and Flexibility
Documents up to 12Mb in size can be uploaded which can be single or multiple pages. Extraction of particular pages from a document is also accomodated. All regular document formats are supported docx, pdf etc. See the Instruction Manual for a full list of supported formats.
Systems Integration
Reprograhics and Costing is fully integrated with all our systems to provide a complete lesson resource set-up
Request Data Retrieval
Data can be saved to an internal email sever and manipulated with Micosoft One Note. This acts as a fail safe back up of requests stored on the organisations computers should you lose contact with the Internet.
Data Retrieval for OFSTED
All data is stored and backed up on our server giving you easy access to download all your reprographic costs to present for an OFSTED inspections.
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Definition of a Resource
The Meaning of Resource in Systems Together relates to equipment, departments providing a service, documents, facilities, reprographics and rooms.
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