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Key Features

Requests to Individual Technicians
The lesson request system is available to any department in the school in addition to Its common use within the sciences. Disciplines that regularly require equipment specific to their discipline and have a technician to carry out those requests for teachers can also take advantage of this system.
Whole School Requests
Any department in the school can make a request to a particular technician. For example History department may require digital cameras from the ICT Technician.
Requests from Teacher's Timetable
Any bookable request can be repeated within a weekly or fortnightly time frame allowing the user to reserve multiple time slots over extended periods in the school term.
Repeat Request Facility
Any bookable request can be repeated within a weekly or fortnightly time frame allowing the user to reserve miltiple time slots over extended periods in the school term.
List Requests
A full list of the users request(s) can be displayed and edited at any time within the request deadline.There are filters to view the requests by date, technician or status.
Copy Requests
Often you will teach the same lesson to another class in the same week or cycle; this function allows you to copy the original request to a different time slot simply by clicking on the destination on your timetable.This is a very useful tool for schools and colleges teaching the same lesson for multiple classes.
Multiple Bookings for ISA's
Departmental Managers can book ISA practicals for members of staff using their timetable in the appropriate room.This allows them to coordinate examination materials so that they are held within the appropriate examination time period.
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Premises Maintenance Notification
Notify, and enable premises staff to carry out maintenance, prepare rooms or organise events in the school Through the premises list request dahboard.
Whole School Requests
Reprographic Technicians can alter a request if there is an error in the user request; this is particularly useful in monitoring colour saturation and the effect it has on the cost of a request. The reprographic technician can then alert the user to inform them of the alterations made or required.
Reservations for Non-Pupil Days
Reserve rooms, equipment for presentations, and catering for staff.
Amend Requests
The technicians will set a cut off time with which they need to prepare your request. This is at the departments discretion and is set by the administrator. Th user can amend a request and alert the rechnician within this agreed timeframe.
Lab Technician Notification
Lab Technicians can monitor the users requirments for lessons. By communicating with the teacher via a messaging system requests can be clarified. The condition or breakage of any equipment can be reported at the end of the lesson allowing technicians to monitor and control stock
Detailed Request Information
The view request screen shows all communications, attachments and additional resources that require booking. This facility can be used by all schoool departments and is not limited to the Science and Technology departments. Our comprehensive booking system serves the whole school.
Email Data Retrieval
Should you lose contact with the Internet, periodically technicians can save all requests for retrieval from an internal hard drive.
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System Assets and Integration

Integrated Attachments
You can attach multiple documents to your lesson request by uploading documents from your personal computer or the doceument bank. Multiple copies can be produced for use in the classroom by sending the attacment to reprographics.
View/Remove Attachments
Selected attachments are listed with each request, they can be viewed on screen by selecting attachments from the add request dashboard. They can be easily removed via the Remove button.
Fully integrated Systems
Everything required for a lesson can be accessed through our easily accessible systems in one visit. This includes the ability to download your schhool leasson plan proforma and fill it in as you are accessing other lesson resources.
Document Rating
Each document in the document repository can be rated by other users which is a usefull guide to selecting documents for lessons.
Add Different Resources
Up to 10 different Resources can be added to your lesson requirments.
Technician Directed
All resources are directed to the appropriate technician responsible for the supply of that resource.
List Requests
The status of your request and the stage of completion can be constantly monitored through view requests. For example started, alert, completed etc. The messaging system allows you to be in continuous contact with the apprpriate technician.
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Definition of a Resource
The Meaning of Resource in Systems Together relates to equipment, departments providing a service, documents, facilities, reprographics and rooms.
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