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Details of all our systems and add-on products can be found In menus below. Each core system is designed to be used as a stand alone or integrated together with the add-on features to give you an excellent cost saving, total lesson allocation resource.

We offer extensive on line support for our products through this website and all our products have a large number of step by step videos to accompany them. Please order your products through the contact page by selecting the items you require.

Prices quoted are for academic licenses only up to a maximum of 200 user/staff accounts (business customers - please ring for a quote) The no obligation 'Free Trial' includes all systems and add-on features which be exteded beyond 1 month on request.
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Core Systems
Record the cost and order all your print needs online. This system allows you to source documents from your computer, VLE or document bank provided by Systems Together. Carefully itemised costing allows reprographics to produce multiple copies of documents in multiple formats and booklets.

Order all your lesson equipment, books and documents, ready for you to use when the lesson starts. Instruct technicians to set up equipment specific to your requirments and ensure that the quality of equipment is maintained. Maximise the use of equipment and avoid double bookings.
Reserve rooms and facilities, create recurring bookings and prevent booking overlap. Reserve large facilities for school event such as theatre productions, clubs, and staff social events. Generate income by outsourcing facilities to the general public; for example, gym facilities, car parks, and night school.
Add on's
Store and retrieve documents securely. This system integrates with reprographics and lesson planning allowing you preview and rate documents according to their suitability prior to using. The repository can store lesson materials, pupil data and documents including school management plans.

The integration of the teacher's timetable with our systems is unique to Systems Together Ltd. Clicking on the relevant period ensures that the correct resources are selected for each lesson and allows the user to reduce lesson preparation time and improve organisation.
This system allows all requests to be saved to an internal email program such as Outlook. All requests can then be retrieved from these stored files which acts as a 'failsafe' and record of requests which can be retrieved at a later date. The records can be organised in OneNote for auditing.
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